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EcoBlaze Kiln Dried Boxed Firewood

EcoBlaze Kiln Dried Boxed Firewood

EcoBlaze kiln-dried boxed Hardwood firewood.
We're one of the first firewood producers that have moved our packaging to environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with convenient carry handles on the side of the box. Each box is hand-packed & sealed with the highest grade of premium Birch. Our Birch is cut, split & kiln dried, each box of EcoBlaze receives an extra day in the kiln to ensure it's our driest firewood with moisture under 20%
  • UK Grown and processed 
  • Under 20% moisture Ready to burn
  • 100% Sustainably Sourced Firewood
  • Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging ♻
  • Burns with a bright flame & a high heat
  • Typically 12 - 14 logs in each box, each log is 25cm long by 8 - 15cm in diameter


Fantastic fuel for Pizza ovens and BBQ

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