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Hotmax 20Kg

Hotmax 20Kg

HOTMAX is clean and easy to use, fuel log and one of the most environmentally sustainable sources of heat. The round briquettes burn with a strong, bright flame, giving low emissions and low levels of fine ash.  This is a very high energy fuel which means that it burns at very high temperatures.

The fuel briquettes come in a 'log' shape, and each bag contains a variety of random sizes. They are an ideal fuel for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, BBQs or chimeneas.

The fuel logs are purpose made from dust and wood chips and we give customers absolute assurance that HOTMAX is a completely natural fuel.
The dust and particles we use to make HOTMAX fuel logs comes from timber grown in renewable forests in the UK.
HOTMAX produces relatively low carbon dioxide emissions, and the small amount of ash it is left.
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